An Affair To Remember…

Ultimate food porn…

It suddenly flashed in my mind that these photos have been stored in my hard drive for a year now. They are from the very first shots I took with the Nikon D90 I am currently using now. The trip to Bizu Patisserie at the Greenhills Promenade was actually to celebrate the new camera, a gift. I can’t believe it’s been a year since the last time I set foot in the big city. I love it so much in Laoag that I don’t miss going to Manila. There’s actually nothing to miss, anyway, if you’re not into modern day decadence, except for food, I guess, some fancy food.

Macarons de Paris which Bizu is famous for. They brought them first to the Philippines.

Triple X… French cakes named Samba, Opera, Nirvana, Amour, etc.

Their personal size designer cakes

A fairytale-like scene with all the truffles and eye candy around.

For the chocolate lovers with sugar-restricted diets…

or for people like me who have sweet tooth but have to watch their diets.

If only I could just sit and savor the smell of sweets the whole day… and not buy anything.

What we had… 3 dips with baguettini. The dips: mushrooms in cream, spinach and cheese and tomato rosemary.

I shared this clam chowder in sour dough with someone. Better than the one I had in a restaurant in San Francisco.

If I remember right this was poached salmon with risotto, a creamy rice dish, and asparagus spears, my favorite veggie.

My personal size Yoga, quite a healthy indulgence in “less sugar” perfection.

Oh, Manila! I don’t think I can ever visit you soon.

Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

2 thoughts on “An Affair To Remember…

  1. Haven’t left The North since June 2008. That’s 25 months and one week, beat that. hehe

    By the way, met your son, sweet kid with a sweet smile, as the cakes and pastries you featured in this post. Having made new friends, I think he is adjusting well to the new school environment.

    p.s. Your blog’s new theme I like.

  2. Oh, you’re worse! Congrats!

    Happy to hear he’s settled… He loves goin’ to school. I’m still awake when he leaves for school. He had zero absence last year. He has only kind words for you, but that they better behave, or else…☺ Hahaha, he’s gonna kill me for telling you! Thanks for helping him shift from ROTC to NSTP, he nosebleeds when exposed to the sun for long hours.


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