The cliff diving adventure of Ericke and friends in Adams

A LEAD Movement baby right from the very first day the eco-adventure group was conceived, Ericke has grown to love Adams like a second home.
Together with her best buddies, they explore the alluring Anuplig Falls, the foremost waterfall in the idyllic town of Adams, located far up north in the Cordilleras.

Without qualms, she manages to dive in the water like a true eco-adventure junkie.

Cliff diving, through an uncooperative underwater camera

Ericke accounts, “With about two hours of sleep, we went hiking. Some of my girlfriends are not very ‘outdoorsy’, so we had to rest a couple of times, instead of hiking for an hour and a half; it took us two hours to reach the falls. We were sweaty, hot, our feet were covered with mud, our legs and arms had so many scratches, and on top of that, our knees felt like the knees of an 80 year old with arthritis. As soon as we heard the rushing sound of the falls and felt the sprinkles of cold water in our faces, all of the complaints and regrets went away. The water was ice cold, it’s my 3rd time to see Anuplig falls but I’m still so amazed by it. Cliff diving is always awesome! The water was so deep even if you jumped from the highest point you still can’t reach the bottom.”

Underwater fun in the unsullied waters of Adams.

Reveling in nature’s fresh simplicity

Striking a pose at the Baset Hanging Bridge, the longest and oldest of its kind in Ilocos Norte

Exotic food trip — starting with buos, or fire ants, cooked the Ilocano way.

Gamely trying fresh water palileng fish from the mountain streams.

Keeping up close and personal with nature, they choose to set camp by the Bulo riverbank.

Mesmerized by the mystic appeal of the town, they promise to make nature adventure a summer break habit. They figure on resuming where they left off in a journey of exploring the many other uncontrived,  natural destinations that Ilocos Norte can offer.


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Photos by Ericke Tan
Text by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

4 thoughts on “The cliff diving adventure of Ericke and friends in Adams

  1. OMG, this is just soooo amazing !!!!!!!!! Can I get there in tumbles and somersaults? How does one get to these places of sheer adventure??????

    • ☺thanks for visiting!!

      this paradise is just less than an hour trip away from Pagudpud. you can ride a motorcycle for P100/ and maybe pay a little more to get to the Lovers’ Peak where you can have a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains. but then again, you need to trek to get to the numerous marvelous waterfalls. there are lots of them! i wish i could just fly, hahaha!

  2. planning to get there soon…ID 2015 maybe. every independence day naglilibot ako together with my son…northern part of luzon. thanks for sharing these pics.

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