Touring Vegas through Mike and Sharon

Mike and Sharon just traveled 1679.55 miles from Rockford to Vegas, America’s entertainment capital. A big thank you to this wonderful Fil-Am couple, they are sharing their grand vacation to us.

The Las Vegas Strip

The Manhattan skyline is replicated in New York, New York hotel and casino

Enlightening the world

The posh 50-story Bellagio hotel and casino, inspired by the Lake Como resort of Bellagio in  Italy

Flower display at the  Bellagio

As the season changes, the flower exhibit theme also changes

Tourists line up for the “O” Cirque du Soleil at the  Bellagio

Cirque du Soleil presents the world-renowned Californian artist in The Art of Richard MacDonald, an exhibit celebrating the ascendancy of the human spirit.

Magnificence reminiscent of a European opera house

One  of the great  performing artists of the “O” Cirque du Soleil

Reminiscent of Ocean’s Eleven

The beauty of Paris

Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef, the only predator-based aquarium and exhibit in North America.

Shark Reef brings forth the message of conservation and preservation of our great oceans, home  to countless species.  Artificial coral reefs were built for the deep blue display.

Camelot-inspired Excalibur Hotel and Casino with a modified medieval theme. One of its attractions is a wedding chapel.


“Talk to me, baby, I know you understand my needs” ~ Roger Fleming

Meet Sharon and Mike…

There’s never a dull moment with the both of them. Mike is a great cook, and he makes the most awesome margaritas ever. Sharon is a fun-loving but hardworking Ilocana who never has forgotten her roots. They met in Manila, where Mike was raised, ’til they fell in love and made the promise to build a life together in Rockford, Illinois, where Sharon has lived with her mother and only brother after they migrated to the US of A back in the 80’s.

Making Margaritas in America

The last time I saw them was in August of 2007. We spent a night with them at their cozy home, where we watched Filipino movies, ate Filipino food by Mike, and drank huge margaritas while I updated Sharon with the latest in Laoag. My husband  and I almost didn’t make it to the Midway Airport in Chicago for a non-rev flight back to LA, where my parents reside. I had an epic affair with Mike’s margaritas.


Photos by Sharon and Mike (taken with a Nokia cellphone). Photo editing and artwork by Blauearth. Top photo background {AndreaRenee} on flickr.

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