Weekend Warriors Invade Banna’s ‘Paraiso ti Caribquib’

“Don’t leave me at the roadside.”

Destination: Banna, Ilocos Norte

7 year-old Alexa

Yes, she can!!

Triumphant smile

Euge at it.

“Yeah, swell… “

Thought it would be ‘gone in 17 seconds

Get me that rope!

Bye, see ya later…

Hang her up…

“I’m cool.”

So very new in Ilocos: Zipline Adventure

The mayor of Banna in Ilocos Norte, Carlito Abadilla II, was too cool to have invited us to try out the first zipline in Ilocos Norte, a project of the Barangay Council of Caribquib, Brgy. 18, Banna, headed by Barangay Captain Adonis Braceros Manuel, with the full support of the Local Government Unit of Banna. Paraiso ti Caribquib used to be a forest until April 2010, when they successfully finished the project.  Ecotourism development is paving the way to progress for this agricultural town in the eastern portion of Ilocos Norte.

Major Coolness!! The zipline travel is about 17 seconds (160 m long), but not for me! Just when I thought it was gonna be over, OMG! Okay, fine… I waited for that rescue rope. I suspect the culprit is the extra weight I gained from trying out all the food in my bloggables☺ Then again, it was one fine adventure in a very long time since my rappelling days.

From Banna, we traversed to Paoay through the Banna-Batac Road, which was about 30 minutes, minus the stopover in Batac. I’ll be blogging next about that other adventure, actually, another food adventure.


*Thanks to cousin Carly; Kapitan Adonis and Manong Kagawad Rolando Ranga for the company; and to the boys who assisted at Paraiso Ti Caribquib.

Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

48 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors Invade Banna’s ‘Paraiso ti Caribquib’

  1. You’re welcome, Naomi. You have to try the all the latest when you come home. There’s more in Ilocos now☺

  2. The starting elevation must be 40-50 ft, and the ending, 30 ft. You don’t have to go to the Banna poblacion if you come from Laoag, Sarrat or Solsona. The road leading to Caribquib is on the right after the Banna welcome arch… about 6 km dirt road. I guess it would be difficult to manage on a rainy day, or just after the rains, even if on a 4×4 vehicle. If you come from Batac, medyo adayo pay from the centro. I’m really sorry, I deliberately didn’t get the exact figures for the feature. I always leave something for my readers to discover for themselves — the thrill of adventure, I guess. Thanks.

  3. I’m so proud Banna has one. I’ve been thinking what product or what tourist attraction could we Banna folks offer to the world.

  4. Hi! We’re a bunch of mountain bikers in Ilocos Norte, can I ask if they accommodate bikes on the zip-line? we want to go downhill first at the bottom them the zip-line will again carry our bikes on top?

    This idea came about just like in Canada’s Whistler Bike Park. Wherein they ride their bikes downhill and then to go up again, they just simply load their bikes in cable cars and repeat the downhill fury once again..

    BTW, the contact number you’ve posted was incomplete.. kindly check. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m really so sorry for the incomplete cellphone no…. the downside of not having a cellphone, I didn’t even notice it lacked a number. Deleted the contact while I try to get a number. Anyways, I don’t think bringing bikes on a zipline na paakyat is possible at the moment. Pababa lang meron sila, but they plan to upgrade their facilities in the future. It’s a barangay project.

  5. I was searching for my home town Banna (can you tell I am so busy at work right now) and there your are with your beautiful blog and pictures. I am very excited to see all this improvement especially my barrio Caribquib. Way to go CARIBQUIB. Thanks for all the information and regards to Carly. Love from USA!!!!!!! (Juliet)

    • happy to have made you feel like you are back home. thanks, Juliet! i’ll tell Carly when i see him. ziplining in Caribquib is so much fun!! i’m proud of your hometown!

  6. Hi! this is Marie from Venvi, marketing coordinator. Im planning to put zipline as one of the exciting place to visit in our newsletter that send abroad. Pls give me some details about it, like how to go there if im leaving in laoag and etc. If you have some pictures, much better.
    Thank you so much!

    • the Zipline billboard is right after the Welcome Banna arch if your coming in from Sarrat-Dingras Road. Turn right and go straight until you hit Caribquib, but if it’s raining, accessibility can be a problem. you might need an off-road vehicle. I don’t know exactly how many kms more — about 15 mins pa on rough road. you can ask the locals for directions coz there are quite a few Y’s, the roads separate, I mean.

  7. wow paraiso!!! im too excited to visit it in the near future…..
    by merely looking at the picture it seems that i will enjoy so as my co ilocanos, to spend picnics and other outdoor activities. i enjoyed watching sceneries and as i said i want to visit the place since its only one ride away from my house.

  8. now am more excited to come home and try the new adventure of ilocos norte…..how much the cost of entrance???from children to adult…

    • It was free when we went ‘coz it hasn’t formally opened. I’m not too sure if they’re done with the inauguration.

  9. Hey, I just found out about this place not too long ago from a friend of mine and I didn’t know a place like this even existed in Illocos Norte. I’ve been searching the interent for awhile trying to find some fun and exciting places to visit during my next vacation to the Philippines, but I only found historic sites for tourists and I’m not trying to visit them. Anyone recommend fun and exciting places to go to during next vacation to the Philippines. I heard Fort Ilocandia is a good place to visit because they have a casino there and also they have a lot of fun things to do like jet skiing, ATV, and more. If you know of any fun and exciting places to visit please respond to this comment. Thanks.

    • There are several exciting things to do in Ilocos. He offer sand adventure activities like off-roading and sand boarding at the dunes. Fort Ilococandia has hot air balloon. You can also try cliff diving, rubber tubing and waterfall hopping in Adams. All in all, there are 13 waterfalls in this town up in the mountains near Pagudpud, another good place for snorkelling, surfing and scuba diving.

  10. im from banna and sir carly gave me your blog site. it is formally opened and lots of people are coming now. entrance fee for both adult and children is P5, zipline is P50 per ride. cottages rates range from P150-P300 depend on the size. soon we will start the canopy walk, downhill mountain biking and another zipline that is longer in the middle of the forest. thanks for making a blogsite to convince more adventurers come to our place. i’m proud about our place… BANNA

  11. I’m a bit surprise having regarding this. I’m from Caribquib and I didn’t know that we have zipline already within our bario. I even travel to bohol and far away archipelago just to experience ziplining, but I looked to far and never beleived my bario can give me one great experience. As soon as I come home I will definitely try it.

  12. Thank you so much for appreciating the works of my husband, Mayor Carly Abadilla. We will try our best to improve our town when it comes to tourism. Indeed, our town is so much blessed just by looking at its nature, humility and simplicity of the people with so much smiles to share to everyone 🙂 More power to BANNA ILOCOS NORTE!

  13. my friends n i are planning to visit there this Sunday….all of us will be first timers and we don’t know how to get there…I’m guessing it will be mountains after mountains so there’s a possibility of being lost…is there any road signs on how to get there or even tracks we can follow…and can we bring our wave up until the zipline…thanks…

    • hi, Vanessa! it’s rather easy to get there as long as it doesn’t rain. just follow the highway and the zipline billboard will lead you to Paraiso. the billboard is on the right side, right after the 1st arch if you’re entering Banna from Solsona (not Batac, hah, that would be the opposite… if you’re coming from Batac, last arch naman)… i think kaya naman ang motor, but i suggest don’t go if it’s raining) take care, guys!

  14. actually, im from Cagayan Valley!!! i have just visited my counsin’s residence here in Banna! when i was on my way from laoag to banna, i saw the tarpaulin along the road of Caribquib!, and im shocked because the picture was so amazing-it’s the ZIP line adventure!! Hope i can visit that tourist spot!! 🙂 GOD BLESS BANNA!!!

  15. What?! No way?! Hahaha I had to travel all the way to boracay just to try the so called zipline ride! Last june 2010.. Not knowing that my own hometown has its own zipline! Hmmm. Just wait ’till i come back home again for vacation.. Banna zipline will be on top of my lists of what-to-do?

  16. My friends and I intend to go either in Misibis Bay or Zipzone for the zipline ride ngem adda met gayam jay Bannan. We no longer need to book our flight going to Legaspi, Albay or Fortich, Bukidnon for the said ride. It is just a few minutes drive from Laoag. I will just recommend Banna zipline ride to my friends so that they can see the laid back charm of Ilocos too.

    Thank you for this post Ms. Tina. I wish to meet you in person to congratulate you for this amazing blog :]

  17. The zipline is a great boost to Banna tourism. I’m longing to come there and have a try. I hope your local gov’t. can think and make some more attractions para mas sulit ang byahe dyan. How about a botanical garden with a path for trekking or a theme park. Anyway maganda ang klima dyan. It will be a year round destination. Yung theme park na gaya ng Tam-awan Village sa Baguio. Yun ay isang native village in a hilly garden.

    • we already have a botanical garden– the NU botanical Gardens and Ecotourism Park. they have a lovely butterfly sanctuary. the last time i visited, they had new species of carnivorous plants, aliw! here’s the link to my old post on NU http://wp.me/pu2wb-1PD Re: Tam-awan Village which I visited when it was new: We have authentic IP villages in Adams, Nueva Era, Carasi, etc. — the real thing! Adams is awesome! close to heaven with endless extreme trekking and mountain biking possibilities.
      My old posts if you care to read:
      There’s more about Adams in my blog. Thanks!

    • you can take the Batac-Banna Road . it’s nearer if galing sa south. pagdating ng Batac centro turn right sa Catholic church (near the auditorium and empanadahan) . diretso yon hanggang Banna. you know you’re on the right road if you pass by a Mister Donut.

    • try RCJ Lines. baka may bus sila from Manila to Banna coz taga Banna ang may-ari. there are two RCJ Lines ata. try to google. if di sila maka-pick-up ng pasaheros in Banna you can just take a jeep from Laoag to Banna siguro.

  18. i did google it but i cant find any bus lines going to banna…yup im familiar that rcj are being owned by the abadilla’s…how many hours/minutes it will take from Laoag to Banna….???

  19. If you’re coming from Laoag airport, you can take a tricycle and get off at the corner of J. P. Rizal and Hizon Sts. There are jeepneys right beside the Saramsam Ylocano Restaurant bound for Banna. Fare is P50.

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