Pièce de résistance, BlauEarth’s Pan-Grilled Pepper Steak

Cooking is something I learned from my nanny. I got married at a very early age and before eloping I was able to make a recipe journal. Most of the recipes she taught me are Ilocano, though. Quite strange, I only cook for my immediate family. I am too shy to let other people taste my cooking. The hubby comes from a family of great cooks. Same is true with me. My mom is good in the kitchen, and I may not be able to duplicate my sister’s talent in cooking, but one thing’s for sure, she can’t cook steak the way I do.

A funny incident happened during my last trip to LA. The hubby and I went to the grocer and we found irresistibly tender-looking porterhouse steaks on sale. Believe me, they were so cheap. My mom seemed to be uninterested while I was preparing them. After tasting a portion of my steak, just to please me, I guess, omigosh, she’d come home with beef chops quite often.

When a family member celebrates his or her birthday, instead of dining out in a fancy restaurant, I usually end up cooking this pepper steak of mine. This year, four times in a row, I cooked steak for all of us. It must be good because I always get requests to do it.

My two boys claim they’re even better than Claim Jumper’s in the States. The hubby eats only my steak. And because they say my steak’s good, I’m not embarrassed to share this ancient recipe of mine.


  • T-bone, porterhouse or ribeye steak, 3/4-1 inch thick
  • make your own steak seasoning (pepper, pepper corns, garlic powder, salt), or use pre-mixed seasoning like McCormick Steak Seasoning (in bottle) or McCormick Pepper Steak packet
  • Olive Oil
  • red wine
  • butter

Preparation and Cooking:

Thaw and drain steaks. If frozen previously, no need to rinse. On each side, sprinkle seasoning lightly and rub in evenly using fingertips. Add a little dried rosemary if you  like herbs. Others marinate steak for 30 minutes to an hour. I do mine for 12 hours. Through experimentation, I found this way the best. Keep in a clean, dry container in the refrigerator.

Before cooking, bring them out and let them come to room temperature. Coat each side evenly with olive oil using the back of a spoon. Prepare cast-iron skillet. I use two when cooking for more than 4 people. Heat skillet and drizzle with a little olive oil. Heat should be high then lowered to medium when you put steak in the pan. One steak per pan. Cook each side for 2 minutes and be careful to avoid drying. Check steak and adjust heat from time to time.  You don’t want overcooked or charred steak. Drizzle Worcestershire sauce on one side then turn steak. Do the same on other side and cook for another 2 minutes. Drizzle with red wine and cook until the wine evaporates. Do the same on the other side. The steak should look brown by now. Adjust steps depending on your taste. We’re too scared of bloody rare (No Reservations, the movie, suddenly pops in my mind LOL).

Plate the steak, including leftover oils, and brush in some butter. Garnish with fresh parsley, or anything like buttered corn, or mushrooms.

One piece of health advice: save the steak for special occasions. Have fun!

Recipe and photo by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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