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I am so honored that Blauearth’s Blog was endorsed by journalist/blogger  Herdy La. Yumul on his Riknakem blog and Riknakem column on the May 17 – May 23 issue (p.8) of  Ilocos Times, the oldest running community newspaper in northern Ilocos. I don’t know Herdy on a personal level.  In fact, I haven’t met him in the flesh. I discovered his blog through Ilocos Times at a time I was actively contributing articles for the newspaper, and ruminating on (re)starting my own blog. After checking out Riknakem, the blog, and some other blogs on WordPress, I knew instantaneously that WordPress was the right blog site for me. First thing that I considered was its spam protection feature; then I discovered it also has this awesome easy as pie customization features. So, I started blogging and now, Herdy will know how “Blauearth’s Blog on WordPress” was born. I literally followed him.

I admire  the man a lot. I know, for a fact, that writing for the Ilocos Times is totally for servicio publico. In a society where guns, goons and gold seem to be the law, being bold and undaunted is like digging your own grave, but Herdy La. Yumul continues to  share his views  on current political issues. Make no mistake, Herdy does not limit his honest thoughts on political issues; he writes about social issues just as well.  Truly, rikna and nakem, find out what I mean by visiting Riknakem. You might like his thought-provoking posts like the use of marijuana and his latest, circumsicion as a cultural thing.

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6 thoughts on “Following ‘The Herd’ on WordPress

  1. I am a very BIG fan of Herdy La. Yumul, he is one of a kind. His is the only column I read in the Ilocos Times. Others are a hohum, and most of them are not even from Ilocos!

    Nice blog, blauearth. I enjoy every bit. Thank you to riknakem for promoting excellent blogs here in the Amianan. Edwin Antonio’s site has good pictures, but much is to be desired with his writing style.

    Congratulations, and keep ’em coming.

  2. Thanks much Ejay! I’m humbled. Your comment inspires me to do better.
    Yes, it is Herdy’s no nonsense writing style that endears him to his readers including me.

  3. I am also highly fascinated by Yumul’s work, and I appreaciate that he chose to come home here in Ilocos to share his talents.

    He gained my respect when he wrote about the hypocrisies of the Catholic church. No one has dared do that in print before in our province.

    Blauearth, you are a very good writer in the lifestyle genre. More power. How do you manage to take yummy pictures of all those foods before eating them? Also, your sense of adventure is infectious. I am encouraged to be in more places with my wife and kids.


  4. Herdy rocks.
    Taking photos is second nature to me… to the point that I sometimes annoy people close to me 🙂
    Thank you, Alshai Mer.

  5. i started blogging on riknakem long before i met herdy.and then when i vacationed in batac last august i had the pleasure of meeting him in flesh.he came to my dads wake and right then and there he have won my respect.if you do not know herdy you think he is very cold and don’t wanna be bothered kind of person but once you get to know him you will find him (just like i did )to be a very warm,kind and loving person.he would give the shirt off his back to a person in need.i have been following riknakem ever since .very interesting articles and educational.he has the spunk to write about people and straight on the “jugular”as they say.kudos herdy and i hope you will not stop writing until you “fade into the sunset”

  6. Again, thanks, Tita Lita.
    Herdy’s passion is palpable. Yes, it is his spunk that makes him a cut above the rest. I wish there were more like him in this day and age of envelopmental journalism.

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