C & E Pastillas de Quezo

C & E Pizza Pasta, famous in Ilocos for pizza and pasta dishes with exciting Filipino flavor, makes the most delectable fresh yema balls. These soft sugar rolled bonbons are just divine. If you love the yellow filling of Brazo de Mercedes, I’m sure you will love C & E’s creation, just as well.

Their tamarind candy and butter polvoron are also delightful.

Update: You may be wondering about the title. Initially, I knew it was yema, but when I went to C & E that day (I blogged about it) and saw the tag , I asked if the yema was renamed to pastillas de quezo and the girl at the counter said, “Pareho lang sila.” Kaya pala I was wondering why I didn’t taste any cheese, or I thought it was subtle. Anyway, when I went to their branch at Rob IN, they had yema and they also had pastillas de quezo. I bought both and I like their yema more.

C & E Pizza Pasta Main Store 29 P. Gomez St. (077) 772-1531
Photo by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

4 thoughts on “C & E Pastillas de Quezo

  1. If my memory serves me right, they were the first pizza place in Ilocos, and they grew into what they are now. Nagpapa-franchise na rin sila. They have a niche market — kids, teens and those mahilig sa spaghetti na matamis, if you catch my drift, sir? 🙂 I remember, pinaglihian ko Hawaiian Pizza nila long before Shakey’s and Pizza Hut entered the scene. May Giacomino’s pa, but ‘di rin nagtagal. Have you tried the Italian-owned Mino’s in Badoc?
    I have to try their fruit salad then.

  2. Yes ma’am, been there, and the Italian chef’s son Coco is our student.

    Their food is a real delight. It was almost a spiritual experience the first time I went. Even their burger is good, and Raviolli makes a good side dish. As I write this, I yearn for their spaghetti which has not seen processed tomato sauce, just divine freshness.

    Neither the menu nor the place is pretentious. Just good food in a homey atmosphere.

    But am not the food critic here, hope you’d make a review, if you have not done so yet.

    p.s. The problem is you really have to call Mino’s before you motor to Badoc as there are times when they suddenly close.

    I was all set to celebrate there my birthday last year, but the chef was rushed to the hospital, so I had to settle with an eat-all-you-can party at a Laoag restaurant.

    They are closed at lunch time and some hours after that for the chef’s European siesta. 🙂

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