Pasuquin Bakery’s Soft Biscocho Redux

A well-guarded secret recipe has kept Pasuquin Bakery’s Soft Biscocho a sought-after Ilocano food product. Click to read previous post on biscochos.

Ways to enjoy Pasuquin Bakery’s Soft Biscocho:

  1. Eat hot and plain
  2. with butter
  3. with Nutella
  4. Fill in with dirty ice cream
  5. grilled with cheese
  6. with Ilocos longaniza
  7. with Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread
  8. with tuna and pineapple spread
  9. with adobo flakes and mayonnaise
  10. with Chinese pork floss
  11. with Italian spaghetti sauce
  12. Melt cheese in biscocho and layer in Spanish sardines
  13. with chicken salad spread
  14. with Chinese sausage
  15. with Chinese pork asado (barbecue)
  16. with cheese pimiento spread
  17. dipped in coffee
  18. with thick creamy soup (e.g. seafood chowder, mushroom soup)
Pasuquin Bakery Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte Tel. No. (077) 775-0198
Delivery within Metro Manila Contact No. 0928-7763591
Photo by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

2 thoughts on “Pasuquin Bakery’s Soft Biscocho Redux

  1. The Hard Biscocho , we tasted it thru our niece !!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s really delicious !!!!
    I will ask my sister to order to send us here !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep on baking !!!!!!!!!

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