Cooking Challenge: Deep-Fried Prawns A La Iwa

Fresh cultured jumbo prawns at Robinsons Supermarket. 699.75 php/kg.

I bought only 12 pcs, 724.20 php. We really haven’t eaten  prawns (as large) in the longest time. I just got challenged by my husband’s sweet niece, who has been living in Rockford, Illinois, since she was a teen. She hasn’t seen me actually cook.

Slitting the back and deveining the prawns.

OMGush, minor things that go with cooking. Talk about hiwa (cut), Iwa (I’m not kidding), my Chinese  father-in-law, a topnotch cook, taught me the recipe.

After marinating in a secret recipe before deep-frying, here are the succulent prawns that the hubby adores.

I’m really very sorry; I intended to share the recipe, but he got mad at the idea.

Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

5 thoughts on “Cooking Challenge: Deep-Fried Prawns A La Iwa

  1. Nice… I just ate dindin but with the looks of that, I’m suddenly hungry again! If you can’t share the recipe, just share the food! Haha!

    • LOL, we ate everything, as in even the beard and feet. it’s the boss who can’t share the recipe, though i want to. i’ll make up for it na lang. i’m cooking something else next time from my own recipes.

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