Japanese dinner at Café Leona

No Ilocano food for a change…

Uni (sea urchin roe) sashimi, believed to be an aphrodisiac

Tamago (grilled egg) sashimi

Unagi (barbecued eel) nigiri sushi

Ebi (shrimp) tempura. Surprisingly, it was introduced in Japan by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

California maki made from sushi rice, nori (dried seaweeds), cucumber, mango (instead of avocado), imitation crab, mayonnaise, and lumpfish roe. California roll was invented by a Japanese chef in LA, in the 70’s. It became a hit, and is now one of the most popular sushi dishes worldwide.

Unagi sashimi, another food believed to increase sexual desire

Healthy miso soup with tofu and wakame seaweeds

About Café Leona

Café Leona Restaurant and Bar Calle Crisologo St., Vigan City, Ilocos Sur Tel. No.(077)722-2212 / 673-0933 CP No. (0920)906-8144 cafeleona@yahoo.com
Photos by Blauearth  Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

10 thoughts on “Japanese dinner at Café Leona

  1. I so crave for jap food. Thank you for the lead, now I have a reason to visit Vigan.

    I love Tempura but I am allergic to ebi, so I hope they have mixed vegetable tempura there, too. And I’ll have my all-time favorite — The Katsudon.

    • The good thing about that resto is you can request, so I’m pretty sure they’ll make veggie tempura for you, sir Herdy. Oh, love veggie tempura especially siling haba, okra and sweet potatoes. I’m trying to recall where I had that sili tempura in Laoag.

  2. i love japanese cuisine but i do not eat anything spicy hot ones.we will surely dine in japanese restaurants sans sili tempura .hope i will not be stood up nor miss my flight from new hampshire to the philippines!

  3. Nice Japanese food – I love Japanese food – that is why I live in Japan…
    Thanks for sharing…

    By the way, hope everyone will learn to say and spell the word- Japan and Japanese.. and not write it with just 3 letters… : ) have a nice day everyone…

    • Thanks, Farah. I totally agree. I also don’t want to be referred as G.I.

  4. i am also ilocano .but people think i am japanese.everytime i stopover in japan they always speak to me in japanese and even here in the states people specially younger kids who studies asian cultures thinks i am.i should really learn the language so i will blow their minds..

  5. 🙂 no, i’m sure it wasn’t the sili cheese sticks at B 51. ugh, maybe Fort, but they no longer offer Japanese food, since 4 years ago, except sushi at the Deli Shop. now, you’re giving me a migraine.

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