Molto felice… Häagen-Dazs now in Ilocos!

Barely a year ago, randomly, I blogged about this.

And now you can ask me the whereabouts of first-rate ice cream. Don’t call me un-Filipino when it comes to my ice cream… I adore dirty ice cream and Arce Dairy. I liked the old Selecta… but you can never make me have the new Selecta and Magnolia, and Nestlé, unless it’s vanilla, which I want with my Pepsi or rootbeer. As is, just too sugary and cloying for my taste. Not to mention, parang either may sobra or kulang parati.

How sweet of Rob IN to carry Häagen-Dazs. Baguio Country Club was the nearest outlet to Laoag. Oh, Häagen-Dazs fans are gonna be much excited!

image via wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Molto felice… Häagen-Dazs now in Ilocos!

    • Sayang if they don’t have a super freezer and they have this super ice cream. Saw the pic…and macadamia is one of my faves, mmnn. I haven’t bought my sandwich up to now. I hope they still have them. I also want their sorbets but didn’t see them.

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