Nippies and Pasties

Beach season wardrobe tip: Don’t forget your nipple covers for safety precaution.

I feel sorry for Anne Curtis, who was betrayed by a severe bikini malfunction at a taping for an ASAP XV episode in Boracay last Sunday. One of her breasts got exposed for a few seconds, enough time for the viewing crowd to take snapshots of her. I feel sad because in spite of appeals made by production people to delete the shots from their cameras and cellphones, some people  were so vicious to post pictures of the unexpected slip in the net. Accidents do happen… deliberately posting the photos is another story… heartless.  Anne was reported to have cried over the incident. I hope she recovers from it soon.

Now, a whole different story… nipple covers as outer fashion seen on Rihanna and Lady Gaga?

exotic pasties.

electric tape fashion?

Top image via

The good news –Nippies are available in Laoag… at Red Dot, 72 F.R. Castro Ave.

7 thoughts on “Nippies and Pasties

  1. it just needs one person who took the shot to spread it on the net like wildfire. it happens rin naman sa States and elsewhere.

    What I find strange is that the entire boob is bigger than the nipple, bakit kaya yung iba oks lang makita cleavage and portions of the boob pero pag nipple, hindi. siguro kasi to see the nipple means that the entire boob is exposed. what if only the nipple is exposed pero the boob is covered ? just a thought lang… OT na nga sa topic.

    Ganunpaman, Anne is an online person… sipag mag tweet araw-araw nga eh, kaya nakakalungkot na baka tuwing magonline siya at may makitang post or discussions tungkol sa incident eh madepress siya. sana hinde. Anne has a strong personality. I hope she’ll get over it.

  2. not OT, thanks for your thoughts. a friend says — it’s because like hair follicles, puwede silang tumayo (and meron erotic receptors).

  3. agree, but it’s not only the owner’s nipples that would cause problems, it’s the ones STARING AT IT whose receptors will be stimulated too! now that’s another story. Hehehe, interesting article. what is covered becomes More interesting. Jaydi must have a point too.!

  4. a comment from the good Dr Vic:) i think i’m scared goin’ to you in case my pelvic bones or sternoclavicular bones get smashed up. ano ba yan?

  5. Oh c’mon you don’t have to be scared. I’m harmless as a kitten. Know what, if that ever happens, am gonna take good care of you. cross my cardiac muscles and hope to disappear on the face of the earth! : -)

  6. hi Blauearth,I also wanted to have that nippies.How can I have?Im here in manila?Do you have store here?Pls reply in my email ad.

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