Make room for BISTRO 51′s great eats

… and Beer Below Zero at only P35–/bottle.

At a Christening party last night, my girlfriend, Ann, invited me to hang-out  with her best mates at the newly-opened chill-out place in Laoag. Of course, I didn’t think twice. Food adventure is a passion… and I still had room for more food and drinks… even if I had an enormous serving of seafood pesto at the party. I thought — gosh, yes, before getting into this long overdue weight loss program that I had planned for myself after being a slacker for several years now. So off  we went, but then again, after checking out Bistro 51’s menu, methinks the battle of the flab will have to take a backseat LOL and the muffin top stays. There is so much on their ecclectic and affordable menu that I wish to try — T-bone Steak, Chicharon Bulaklak, Baked Mussels, Pasta Carbonara, Beef Salpicao, Grilled Prawns with Hollandaise Sauce, Spicy Binagoongang Baboy, Bistek Tagalog, Grilled Tuna Belly Steak, Sinigang na Salmon Belly sa Miso, Sizzling Squid… and, ahh, Mango Mousse!

The 90-peso meals — a choice  of sizzling porkchop, sisig, liempo, squid or chicken breast with rice and soda — will excite the budget-conscious. Definitely, there is something for everyone.

Spacious and ideal for events and parties. I checked out the packages and found them very reasonably priced.

The well spaced-out tables, ambient amber lighting, and cool easy music, ranging from the 80’s to the present hits, make the place so relaxing and comfortable.

One of the owners, Kristine Fariñas-Tecson, gets busy overseeing the operations.

When asked what makes  Bistro 51 special, Teennie Umali-Fariñas says, “It is a happy place where people can be themselves.” No dress code, I noticed, and that’s major to some who favor laid-backness. Teennie adds, “The usual crowd is a mix of students and yuppies, but even families frequent the place.” The resto-bar is open for lunch and dinner… until the wee hours of the morning.

Tricia's Knockout Punch, zest in a glass! Rhum and milk power!

For the non-beer drinker, there is also Kristine’s Illusion, which is a mix of Curacao liqueur and pineapple juice. “Tropical and refreshing”, says one of the girls.  I’m trying it next time.

Pepper Cheese Sticks and Salmon Sashimi

A fresh way to enjoy siling haba (finger chili, an Ilocano favorite) is the deep-fried fusion dish above. The sili was crisp and wonderful with cheese. I’m not too sure if the dip was ranch, but it blended well with the excellent crunchy sticks. They also have Crispy Bagbagis and Pinakbet for the Ilocano palate.

Fried to perfection chicken!

Nachos... muy delicioso!

The food portions are good and the ingredients obviously fresh.

Al fresco dining. Friday and Saturday are acoustic nights.

Restroom revealed... I think I want to linger awhile...

Zen-like. Ain’t it sweet?

Another great thing about Bistro 51 is the ample parking space.

Without a doubt, I’m going back and I’m having their Beef Tapa (It was nirvana that I forgot to take a photo.), but with rice… and more!


P.S. Thanks to Vanni and Josie for picking up the tab, and Kristine for the complimentary drink 🙂

BISTRO 51 Bar and Restaurant, Tawnee’s Petron Station, 51-A Nangalisan, Laoag City. Tel. No. (o77) 6706607
Photographed by Blauearth

Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

14 thoughts on “Make room for BISTRO 51′s great eats

  1. Wow Manang! I never thought B51 will look so wonderful in photos. Thank you for gracing our place and spreading the good news! Hope to see you more of you soon!


    • Hi, Teennie. Thanks! I had fun writing about the place and practicing my photography. Walang edit mga pictures.. just minor cropping. Such a lovely place! Looking forward to another food binge at B51 🙂

  2. Great ambiance and the food look great Auntie! The price sounds reasonable, too. 🙂 I might check it out when I come home!

    • Wow, Sharon!! Happy to hear from you!! How many times have I heard you say that since 2006? Hope to see you soon. Re: prices,,, really affordable. The nachos, beef tapa are priced at P120–, the Pepper Cheese Sticks, P80–, They have the cheapest beer in town, not to mention the coldest ever! Hope to hear from you again.

    • Malagip ko lang since this is the only time maka-tsika ka since you dropped us off at Midway Airport. Was that Margarita or Piña Colada? I can’t even remember. Natublak ak… it was huge… and did I have a second round? We almost didn’t catch our flight back to LA. Nu naka 3 ak, wow, baka we could have stayed longer in Rockford. Eh, non-rev pay tay tickets.

  3. Agyamanak unay iti kinasukimatmo iti nasayaat nga pag-hang-out-an! Our house is quite close to the Bistro51, but haven’t got yet a chance to patronize the place. My barkada and I are habitues of Engineering at 365 Mall. I remember the crowd that gathered at B51 on its opening night! The high beam of light it used to project, supposedly to beckon would-be patrons, has been shut off due to some complaints of motorists and the nearby hotel, as well as residences that disrupts dwellers from their sleeping hours.

  4. Thanks, too. Padasen yo koma ti beer da — the coldest and cheapest in town, and the food… yummy and fresh, with lots of choices, and best of all, affordable.

  5. HI,the place is so bf and i are planning to get married by next yr. s paoay bistro51 cater weddings?thanks?=)

  6. i wish to visit your place next year if my bestfriend will go and visit here in laoag city, hope he will like the place coz it quite and a lovely place.

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