Blauearth and Co. head to Saramsam Too after a brainstorming session at Rob IN

Last night, I had the rare chance to go to Robinsons, the new mall in Ilocos Norte (IN), only to end up bein’ robbed by my crew aka blauearth babies. I promised each one a gift for Christmas, and because it was only last night that we were all together at the mall with no specific purpose but to window shop for a Fuji Instant cam, which the gadget stores didn’t have, anyway. The promise suddenly came to mind, I asked each one to choose any one  item. The little boy asked for a PSP, and I said — NO, only something  necessary that they can use often. The girls chose flip-flops, except the fashionette, who picked a vintage-style crocheted vest, while the boys decided to have jeans. I gifted myself a stylish pair of waterproof sandals — oh, not the kind I’d wear to the mountains. It’s sexy, strappy, white with faux jewel embellishments, and something I’d wear with either summer dresses or shorts in the city or the beach. We critiqued each other’s choice and since each one knew exactly what he/she wanted, based on the rules I set, we made it in just an hour. We literally closed the last store we hit.

Then we all started craving for our comfort food. We went to Saramsam Restaurant, the official  company favorite. It was closed, but not the after-hours bar next door. Luckily, Saramsam Too, a  lounge with karaoke, which doubles as function room for all occasions, also serves food from the Saramsam Restaurant menu.

We had our fill of dreamy Carbonara with Tirem (oysters) Pasta…

and Longaniza (Ilocos sausage ) Pizza,

while we enjoyed listening to the lovely lady who belted out familiar alternative tunes.

The lovestruck tourist couple were obviously enjoying the night.

After our last round of Baraniw (wild basil) Iced Tea, the best iced tea in town, we went home happier and heavier, but not the kitty… ouch!


Videoke Challenge Night is every Monday. Click to read an old post about Saramsam Restaurant

Saramsam Too
N. Corpuz Building (next to Saramsam Restaurant), Rizal Street corner Hizon St., Barangay 7-A, Laoag City
tel. (077) 771 5825 or 0917 570 2110
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