Enhance Your Luck (in 2010) The Chinese Way

2010 -- The Year of the Metal Tiger

Leehua's Charms

For the believers of the magic of  crystals and right Feng Shui, Leehua’s Charms at Level 1 in the Ground Floor of the newly opened Robinson’s Ilocos Norte in San Nicolas is now open with a wide range of luck enhancement items you can choose from, depending on your Chinese  astrology reading. Fashion accessories made of semi-precious birthstones; charms  for good health,  wealth, longevity, happiness, tranquility, success in marriage, career and school; and symbolic items to ward off evil spirits and block-off  bad ch’i or Qi are also available. If you prefer a more thorough reading, you can  schedule an appointment with the store’s charming and gracious owner, Ms. Leehua Lu. It’s usually free of charge.

Crystal Prosperity Trees

Lucky Charms and Protection

Lucky Fish and Prosperity Kumquat Tree Figurines

Write A Wish

*Feng Shui books and other special items can be ordered

photographed by Blauearth

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