One Fine Day at Pasuquin Beach

pasuquin beach

The news says Manila is experiencing another bout of heavy rain. Here in Ilocos, the day was sunny, and it must be the hottest since summer. It’s been balmy the past 2 weeks, so Martine and I decided to head up north and catch some rays in Pasuquin. We visited a friend’s exotic orchid garden and took some snapshots of her best blooms, after which we drove a few miles farther to Sexy Beach in Brgy. 10 – Estancia. I haven’t been to Sexy Beach in ages. Oh, wow, the panorama was just as magical and so serene as ever 🙂 Some fisherfolk were busy with their nets, and we just had a swell time breathing nature’s wonders at its finest. The glorious black sand was glistening. Oh, the smiles of nature…


Photographed by Blauearth

Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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2 thoughts on “One Fine Day at Pasuquin Beach

    • Sure, Armilyn! It’s been a long time I haven’t seen these photos. The sun was magical, there were mirror reflections on the shore. Afternoons on a fine day are always great in Pasuquin! Some of my favorite photos were shot there. Thanks!

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