The beauty of the human mind…

Bulu River

“Everyone alive has those ‘hopes and dreams’ that seem really far-fetched and just so totally wild that we almost know it would be a million-to-one chance that we’ll attain that specifice dream. Winning the lottery. Discovering a cure for cancer. Being the first person to drive a Porche on the moon. You know what I mean. But, we also have those “attainable dreams” that we KNOW for a fact we can achieve. Take a trip to Maui. Spend a week on a cruise to Alaska. Become a teacher – a molder of dreams. Do it!!!! What is holding you back? Go for it, and have the time of your life! And, while you’re at it…..share your enthusiam with others so that they are prompted to follow their dreams, too!” ~an inspiring quote from my latest Flickr contact, Sicilian Italiano (rain)’s

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