Delish Rikka’s Ilocos Bibingka

Ilocos Bibingka, Deli and Pasalubong


Rick’s Café’s Rikka’s, located in Sison, Pangasinan, is the new stopover for Ilocos bibingka and other  popular Ilocos products like bagnet aka chicharon, longganisa, pinapaitan, kalderetang kambing, kilawing kambing, boneless bangus, sukang Iloco, Romana’s peanut brittle, bukayo, bugguong and more. The location of the deli makes it accessible to south-bound travelers from La Union, Baguio and Northern Pangasinan. Laoagueño Richard “Ricky” Fariñas, the owner, proudly mentioned that his bibingka recipe was perfected by a chef. I totally agree with him that their bibingka is unforgettable. We brought some as Rikka's New Boxpasalubong for friends in Manila a few months back and since then, they never fail to ask me to buy Rikka’s Ilocos Bibingka when they know I’d be going down south. These Manileño friends of mine have tried every single bibingka in Ilocos and it was Rikka’s that won their hearts.

Rikka's Ilocos Bibingka, a must-try

Rikka's Ilocos Bibingka, a must-try

Photos downloaded from LC’s cell phone. Thanks😉

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