Detoxification: Green is more than a color, it’s a state of the mind

Smart Choice

Make it your smart choice. Start reducing your plastic footprint. Kick out the habit of using single-use plastic containers. Use silverware, reusable tumblers, lunchboxes and sandwich boxes when you need to bring a packed lunch. Plastic or paper bag? Bring your own reusable bag  with you whenever you go to the store. If you must use a plastic item, try to choose one made out of #1 (PETE) or #2 (HDPE) , which are the most commonly recycled plastics. Plastics that aren’t recyclable are #3 (PVC), #4 (LDPE), #5 (PP), #6 (PS) and #7 (others).

Because of their ubiquity, plastics pose a threat to human and animal health, as well as the environment. Such eyesores to our beautiful landscapes, plastics don’t biodegrade, but photo degrade instead, which means when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet light, these plastics disintegrate into tiny pieces causing endangerment of our marine animals and birds.

Pending the approval of an ordinance entitled “An Ordinance Establishing An Advanced Recovery Fee (Green Fee) For Disposable Plastic Bags And For Other Purposes”, drafted and filed by SP Member Kris R. Ablan at the Province of Ilocos Norte Sangguniang Panlalawigan, the LEAD Movement is pledging its full support to this green cause. I urge you, friends, to do the same. Encourage others to a plastic-free Ilocos Norte. Write a letter to our Board Members and ask them to pass the ordinance without delay. Let us all rise above plastics. Again, on behalf of LEAD Movement, let us E.a.r.t.h. now…

E-nvironmental A-wareness R-esponsibility, shared responsibility T-ransformation H-ope

The smarter water bottles -- Reusable.

The smarter water bottles -- Reusable

I bought my own Smart Sacks BYOB bag (top photo) at Mark and Marty, Gen Luna St., Laoag City — a last year’s Christmas present to myself .

2 thoughts on “Detoxification: Green is more than a color, it’s a state of the mind

  1. We use a lot of take out containers made of styro. I feel guilty having to do this at the resto. We don’t have any choice. I have been looking for containers made of paper but to no avail. Any ideas where I can get some?

    Is the Smart Sack pang unisex? 🙂 Keep up the good work Tina.

    • i’ll research more, but wouldn’t it be great if we bring back using banana leaves to wrap take-out food? and ask the clients to use their own silver ware, or for filipinos, encourage the kamayan way of eating. maybe, you could start planting trees in your farm for sustainability.

      the smart sack is unisex. kapuluan has one, too — their own creation.

      thanks, sam:D

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