A Taste of Hawaii in Paoay

Herencia Cafe Herencia Café, right in front of the Paoay Church, is a favorite stop for tourists visiting the famous church in Ilocos Norte. It is the birthplace of Pinakbet Pizza. Pinakbet Pizza? Unimaginable, but after my first bite, I realized it’s no oxymoron. It has that Mediterranean vegetable kebab taste that blends well with the crust which is a good thin and crispy crust — it never tastes like cardboard which I hate in other thicker crust pizzas. My Chinoy friends  who were in Ilocos a few months back liked  the fusion pizza. Bernice Lim, an ex food-stall owner said, “It has that genuine Ilocano taste.”  Food lovers, Yolly  and Betty agreed, “Unique, masarap… and bitin.” — because they wouldn’t be able  to have anything like it in Manila. My favorite at Herencia is another fusion pizza — the Ilocandia Pizza which is topped with slices of Ilocos longganisa, onions and the other usual pizza ingredients. I also like their Apple Hawaiian Salad with a subtle cheesy flavor. It is a simple apple and pineapple salad, but the dressing is special. The last time I went, I was trying to figure out if there were cheese bits on it, but I couldn’t find any. The salad is a wonderful cooler after taking photographs of the UNESCO World Heritage Site under the sweltering Ilocos heat.

Paoay Church

Ilocandia Pizza with Longganisa slices

Ilocandia Pizza with Longganisa slices

a slice of Ilocandia Pizza

Ilocandia Pizza  bite

chunky Apple Hawaiian Salad

chunky Apple Hawaiian Salad

[photos by blauearth]

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