The Legendary Pasuquin Bakery Biscochos

soft biscochoI’ve always loved the anise-laced biscocho from Pasuquin Bakery in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte. When I was little, my dad would bring home some whenever he goes up north, or he’d buy from peddlers in Laoag. There is only one recipe for the three variations they have — the soft, the toasted and what we, Ilocanos, call the bugas, or laman, as in what is left when the outer toasted part is removed. I like bugas and the soft kind. Bugas is light and crispy. My soft biscocho has to have real butter, coated throughout one side. I unroll the bread first before greasing it with the sinful milk cream spread, then roll it again… just heavenly!

ShorestopI recently discovered a great stopover for hot original Pasuquin biscocho sandwiches — Shorestop — located along the highway before entering the Pasuquin town proper. My friend, Stevie, intoduced me to the place when we dropped by for baon before we went trekking to Anuplig Falls late  last year. We were in the company of Roam magazine writers and photographers. We all  loved our yummy (albeit cold) tuna-filled biscochos.  The last time I went to Shorestop, hot biscocho sandwichI ordered longganisa biscocho. I swear, it’s better than the yummy tuna biscocho. Chopped red onions, tiny Ilocos longganisa (sausage link) pieces, and some secret spices are thrown into mayonnaise — the best hot biscocho filling, next to my favorite butter… for now.

9 thoughts on “The Legendary Pasuquin Bakery Biscochos

    • Elmer. I’ll find it out for you. I’ll ask the owner where she got the bags, or if she still has some. Anyways, thanks:]

    • Sorry, I was thinking of the eco bags, super katangahan ko. I will check with the owners.

    • Elmer, here’s the number you can contact for orders in Manila. They deliver, according to the someone at the Bakery, pamangkin ata or daughter of the owner. Glenda Alvarez 0928-7763591.

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