“eat pray love” and Adams


I’ve read the book, Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert, perhaps, a hundred times. I found it at Barnes and Noble while I was vacationing in Palm Springs where my only brother and his family live. The lovely cover layout caught my eye. It hinted at what I expected to read — a travel journal. It is more than what I thought; it is a spiritual journey. Everytime I read the book, I cry, I laugh, I crave for pasta and gelato, I hate the author, I learn, I fall in love (again and again) with the 3 I’s — Italy, India, Indonesia — and I am reminded of my heaven on earth . . .

Adams's eco-tour map. Pansian, Pagudpud-Adams junction
Adams’s eco-tour map. Pansian, Pagudpud – Adams junction


My family and a few friends were in Adams for the ‘Holy Days’ break. The Adams scene was quite different this time around. On our way up, we passed by tourists on motorcycles. They seemed to be enjoying the only public transportation in Adams. They waved as I photographed them. We slept in one of the 4 new DoT-accredited homestays. I’ve tried every imaginable place to rest in Adams — the Sanggunian Bayan Session Hall, the Day Care Center, the Municipal Health Office, a hammock, a tent, a parked jeep, the ground. This time, I was like billeted in a Shangri-La complete with hot water, a 24-hour kitchen and a gracious host.

ATTRAVERSIAMO, cross over… Baset Hanging Bridge, the longest in Ilocos Norte


3 sisters

The poblacion was busier than usual. There were makeshift food stalls in front of the Catholic church. I saw many new faces, mostly Asians and Caucasians. Lenie’s, the only restaurant, got bigger. And she had a new white board where the menu for the day was written. As always, we ate ambrosial exotic food.

For our midnight snack. Annavic cooked fresh large crawfish. Gosh, only in Adams!

Divine crawfish!

only in Adams!

On Good Friday, we woke-up feeling fresh for the usual tour, the works…

Cabacan Falls, one of the 12 waterfalls in Adams
Cabacan Falls, one of the 12 waterfalls in Adams


a shot of tapuey similar to Japanese sake
a shot of tapuey, rice wine similar to Japanese sake
Lovers' Peak
Lovers’ Peak

Holy moment

After the Adams trip, I felt invigorated once more… like a life force, élan vital.

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