The Trippers trippin’ with the LEAD Movement

It was a perfect sunshiny morning on the 15th of December in 2008 and the imposing structure and patterns of sand dunes against a blue sky was an immaculate scene for a travelogue shoot.

ABS-CBN’s multi-awarded travel show, Trip na Trip, tied-up with the LEAD Movement for a segment of the show’s year-ender. The LEAD Movement, a group that promotes responsible eco-adventure, also explores potential ecotourism destinations in the province like the exotic upland town of Adams, which got to be featured in one of the August 2008 episodes of Trip na Trip. Again, LEAD was game to assist and be part of a shoot at the La Paz Sand Dunes, a National Geological Monument. The show’s hosts, Vice Presidential daughter, Katherine “Kat-Kat” de Castro, and ex-PBB housemate, Uma Khouny, asked LEAD, “Why the sand dunes?” during the interview. The answer was easy. It was a massive and picturesque unique environment for an incredibly thrilling, and sort of an eerie four-wheel drive adventure… absolutely exhilarating for the adventurous and skilled driver, but treacherous for the first-timer, and chilling for the faint-hearted mortal. Kat-Kat and Uma, together with Franzen, also an ex-PBB housemate, had a blast. As Kat drove one of the 4X4 jeeps prepared by the group, she untiringly circled the dunes, went up and down, and up the perfectly contoured crests to her heart’s content. Screeching reverberated through the place. The hosts agreed that it was one wild trip and thanked LEAD for the warm welcome and the adrenaline rush. The LEAD Movement thanked the show for the privilege of being asked about its ecotourism concerns and environment protection advocacies. The LEAD Movement believes that in order to achieve a sustainable ecotourism development, promoting the beauty of a place begins with its protection and conservation.

After the shoot, Trip na Trip continued on its journey to key Ilocos tourist destinations. The Trippers say they never get tired of beautiful Ilocos Norte. Thanks Trippers!

Photographed by JD Domingo

2 thoughts on “The Trippers trippin’ with the LEAD Movement

    • Hi:] There are no ATV’s for rents. They have at Fort Ilocandia; the landscape is different from La Paz though. There are 4×4 services like the ones in the photos. Try this number: 0919-876-5516.

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