More space at the new Chowking Laoag

Chowking Laoag

The newly renovated and widened Chowking in Laoag opened recently, bringing happiness to Chowking loyalists from allover Ilocos. The lines were long just the same, but it was easy getting a table. Did you know that the Laoag branch consistently tops CK nationwide sales?

What sells in Ilocos is a juxtaposition of yin and yang. Halo-halo rates very high, as well as hot buns and noodles.

ChowkingHalo-haloHalo-HaloPanda PaoPorky Pao and Nai ChaPink siopao for me. Donna, my friend, got panda pao with melty chocolate filling.Pink SiopaoChowking 3

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MMSU-Batac students win Region I Tourism Quiz Bee


At the Department of Tourism Region I Tourism Quiz Bee, more and more tables for contending schools from around the Ilocos Region were emptied with each round of questions while tabulators were focused on the computer screens until MMSU-Batac emerged victors, earning them 50,000 in cash. DWCL won over the PSU-Alaminos in the tie breaker round for the 2nd and 3rd spots.

DoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz BeePicture 198

Sir Ding of DoT, tour guide Ena Domingo and myself served as judges. The role of a judge is more like to supervise and decide such as the completeness of answer. Questions were difficult and technical. I couldn’t even answer “What is restaurant in Mandarin?”

The winners will be brought to Clark, Pampanga, for the National Tourism Quiz Bee. A laudable project, it helps students build teamwork and competitiveness, integral to their future in the tourism industry.

DWCLPSUDoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz BeeDWCLDoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz BeeDoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz BeeDWCLDoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz Bee
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Eagle’s Nest invites you to its 11th anniversary buffet special

Eagle's Nest 11th year special

In the past decade, the Eagle’s Nest of Java Hotel became known for the tastiest baby back ribs in Laoag and the only place for appetizing teppanyaki and all-day crispy dinardaraan, along with homegrown poqui-poqui and bagbet (pinakbet with bagnet).

Now on its 11th year, Eagle’s Nest is happy to present its all you can eat dinner buffet of their house specialties this Saturday, September 27. Make room, friends!

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The Loveliness book from Two Lovely People

Loveliness The Book

A package arrives. I open it. Loveliness. It’s Ace and Kit’s self-published book of beautiful photos that capture their very heart and art.

I browse through the pages. I see the first line from a post in this blog.

“A match made in heaven. I’m referring to husband and wife team Ace and Kit Mandac’s mutual artistry and propensity for fine taste.” (Full story here).

Happiness is when you see something and a tear rolls down. I’m happy for Ace and Kit. And Ava. The words in the line are the most accurate words for the couple. I’m not exactly close to them, but respect and admiration for what they are, what they do, and how they treat people in an utmost professional manner, whether clients or not, has brought them close to my heart. Their good taste is more than skin-deep… the loveliness in them both.

Loveliness is about Inspiration and Dedication. It’s also about the couple’s journey as artists.

PackageThe BookAce and KitInside LovelinessLoveBouquets

Visit Ava’s on Gen. Segundo Ave (Bacarra Road), if you need to order a copy.

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