A flashback of Laoag City’s first 50 years (and a story of malicious intent)

Laoag at 50 Celebration

“Ada ag-sibrong diay centro.” As far as I can remember, it was my first mental picture of the world outside the confines of my home. The Gilbert Bridge was being reconstructed. Laoag was in the process of being citified in the truest sense of the word.

Laoag just turned 50. A cityhood commemoration program was held at the city hall grounds. Public officials and employees were among those seated in the audience. A visually impaired child lent her voice and charmed the audience. She may never have seen Sunshine (Laoag’s moniker), but she sang flawlessly with a sense of place and a sense of belonging. A city can either inflate or break a heart.

Laoag at 50 Celebration

The agsibrong of bygone days has really never left. The agsibrong was lurking around at the event. The agsibrong has reemerged as a spin doctor and manufactures a story about me. Here’s how the (INCREDIBLE!!!!!) story goes: She (referring to me) walked out of the premises in tears because she was not acknowledged in the program.

Here’s my reaction to that story I heard was supposed to have come from someone in the local media, who allegedly saw me leaving early: I attended the function to pay respect to my city and take photos for the blog. Yes, I left early to eat lunch at home. I bumped into two friends while I was on my way home and they asked me why I wouldn’t attend the luncheon. I said I didn’t want to be in the same room with someone and I even said the name of the person I didn’t want to see. So that’s the real story straight from me.

Memories of growing up, raising a family and fermenting in Laoag continue to fill my heart. I am ever grateful to my city.

Enjoy the photos, but don’t steal them.

Laoag at 50 CelebrationMy old nursery classmate Vice Mayor Michael Fariñas. He served as  Laoag mayor for three consecutive terms.

Laoag at 50 CelebrationLaoag at 50 CelebrationLaoag at 50 CelebrationLaoag Mayor Chevylle Fariñas and little Lance, who was representing the present day aspirations that were entombed (like a time capsule) for future reading.

Laoag at 50 CelebrationLaoag at 50 Celebration
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Laoag at 50 Zero Waste Art Exhibit

Zero Waste Art Exhibit Artists

Local artists creating art from waste join the citywide celebrations of Laoag’s Golden Year of Cityhood through an eco-themed art exhibit entitled “naglabas, agdama, masakbayan [past, present, future]” slated to run on June 18-20 at the Laoag City Hall Auditorium.

Organized by the LEAD Movement in collaboration with the City Government of Laoag, the art show hopes to inspire sustainability and making a difference in the present and future. Laoag through the years has garnered numerous accolades, among them Clean and Green City.

Up for viewing are the works of Margo Rae Alesna, Rizaldie Altuna, Carl Martin Aragones, Khervin John Gallandez, Gerome Malbas, Marc Nicolas, Dexter Robiñol, Janer Santos, Juan Elani Tulas and Marvin Xavier Vea.

The event is free and open to the public. Hoping you could drop by.

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A New Home Sweet Home for Ava’s Cakes and Events

Ava's Cakes

Dropped by the new domain of artist couple Kit and Ace Mandac. It has that intentional (I assume) undone look that allows their stylish cakes and taste to stand out. You can’t miss the fresh, creative spirit.

One wall is so clean it can be anyone’s white wall for a selfie, but that would be outright disrespect for such stunning creations.

Find Ava’s Cakes and Events in the address below.

Ava's Cakes and Events StudioLovelinessDesignHandmade BloomsStylish CakeBeautiful CakesAva's Cakes and EventsCake StudioUntitled

Ava’s Cakes and Events 65 Rizal cor P. Ligot Streets., Laoag City 0917 592 8955

Photographed by Alexa and BlauEarth

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Make Your Own Havaianas turns 10

MYOH 2015 - Ilocos

Hau`oli la ho’omana’o, MYOH!

The MYOH 10 years commemorative pair is the best ever! Why is it so easy to love the Vintage Hawaii pair? Because it’s blue and blue is the most universal color I know:) It’s my most favorite color and any color becomes livelier next to blue. Also, because we say “Aloha” here more than anywhere else in the country. It’s safe to say Ilocos is partly the land of Hawaiianos and Hawaianas. And, of course, they are Havaianas, now a (essential) part of our daily lives.

So this is what happened on the first day of the MYOH 2015. I saw many of my dear friends. I had fun being in a photo with everyone. Aloha can mean a lot of different things. I like it more as a hello than a goodbye. Actually.

MYOH 2015HavaianasMYOH 2015

Mahalo to Bernard and Me-Ann Macaraeg. Love the couple!

MYOH 2015Ace is always so photographable eh?MYOH 2015Eric Cayetano and my good friend Marianne Pasion are always cute together, MYOH 2015MYOH turns 10MYOH 2015MYOH 2015Toni Carag’s pick.MYOH 2015Kenneth, Chef James and blogger/artist Vince Canlapan.StarfishyMYOH 2015MYOH 2015My crush, James Burns.MYOH 2015MYOH 2015 - LaoagMYOH 2015 Commemorative PairMYOH 2015 Commemorative PairI’m in my red phase.MYOH 2015MYOH 2015Lulu DK - Havaianas flash tattoosLulu DK Havaianas. tattoos.MYOH 2015Teenie Umali- Fariñas and Ann Ang on the other end.UkeleleStrumming Pearly Shells!MYOH2015Zoomy Hula DancerMYOH 2015 - LaoagMYOH 2015And she got another pair for her birthday.GirlfriendsWith artists Mara Manuel and Katrina Mandac.MYOH 2015

Thank you, Havaianas!

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