The Mitsubishi Showroom and Service Center in Laoag


I still have to win the lottery to be able to afford my own SUV, but for those of you are considering buying a nice sporty ride like the Pajero or Montero Sport, or perhaps a Strada truck, the Northpoint Alliance Motors Corp. (NAMCo) has recently opened in Laoag. Also for Mitsubishi owners who want only the best for their babies.

Mitsubishi LaoagMitsubishi Laoag Service MenuSean

Visit the huge showroom and service center along Airport Ave., Buttong, Laoag, or call Sean (CP No.: 09175977704) for inquiries.

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The Minuyungan and Partuat Summer Trade Fair

Longaniza ken Bagnet

There’s a new crop of bazaaristas in Ilocos. Enterprising minds are making a paradigm shift to a culture of originality and character. At the yearly Minuyungan and Partuat Trade Fair, put together by the Department of Trade and Industry, other than the touristy longaniza and bagnet, I happened upon Ilocos-made body and bath products, kankanen and dragon fruit ice candies that I mistook for, heheh, Pinoy pink hotdogs. The designs of bamboo bags from Abra and binakol bags from Sarrat are contemporary.

Minuyngan Ken Partuat Trade FairMinuyngan Ken Partuat Trade FairMinuyngan Ken Partuat Trade Fair

A great alternative to sugar because of its healthy vitamins is natural sorghum sweetener in syrup form.

Minuyngan Ken Partuat Trade FairAgnes Dragon Fruit Soap

Though I went all the way to barangay Pias in Currimao for a feature about her soaps (here), it was the first time meeting Agnes Asuncion. She has lovely skin. If she’s using her products, then her creations are must-trys.

Minuyngan Ken Partuat Trade FairBinakolDragon Fruit Ice CandiesMinuyngan Ken Partuat Trade FairKakaninRouesa's PutoKakaninMinuyngan Ken Partuat Trade FairBamboo BagsMinuyngan Ken Partuat Trade FairPicture 032

The multi-awarded Superkalan invention is fit for biodegradeble corn cobs and coconut husks as fuel.


The sample inabraw gone pinakbet-looking:)

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50-Peso Budget Meals at Ayenz Place, Laoag

Pinoy Budget Meal

Back to urban foraging. I was thinking of Evergreen, but my friend Konee suggested Ayenz Place, a few steps away from the Bangui jeepney terminal and so near Hotel Tiffany and Isabel Suites. It is a budget foodhouse that serves not Ilocano but socialistic Filipino food such as adobo, pork spareribs, beef steak, etc.

A 50-peso meal is inclusive of soup, itlog na maalat (red egg) with fresh homegrown Ilocos tomatoes. They also serve silogs and noodle meals. For the nasalimetmet a Ilocano, students and budget travelers, Ayenz Place is a fitting option. Meals are not imot size. I mean not tiny for 50 pesos.

Ayenz Place

It also gets busy during merienda time, especially on work and school days, according to neighbor Butch, who ended up picking the tab.

Chanced upon the Payoyos eating at their own place. A good sign.

Beef Spare Ribs

I liked my beef spare ribs, but I was dreaming of fatty red egg.

Ayenz Place D. Samonte St. cor Gen Segundo Ave, Laoag City

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OOTD: Low-Key


How I wish all park keepers are like my friend Michael Calaramo, the most passionate, knowledgeable horticulturist in the entire Ilocos region.

Flowers rightfully belong to the garden for now:)

FreshFresh{Red Dot top, Lee jeans, Aldo satchel, Vans slip-ons, thrifted sunnies}

Photos by Michael
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More Room in Isabel Suites

Isabel Suites

Isabel Suites in downtown Laoag has a new annex. I was just passing by, so I don’t have pics of the rooms.  It has the look of a roadside inn with a modernistico vibe. Standards rooms are between 850-1550, 1950 for triple sharing and 2450 for suites equipped with minibar and bathtub. All rooms with cable TV are fully air-conditioned.

Isabel Suites Gen. Segundo Ave. (Bacarra Road) Tel No.: 0776708579 CP No.: 09178430067  email:

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Feed me hotdog and I’ll ask for mustard. Give me hotdog with mustard and I’ll bring it home. The more unusual the add-ons, the better. But I found a hotdog stand, in fact the only hotdog stand in Ilocos. Eulodogs is a bright structure standing infront of the Pastor Residence near the corner of Panganiban Street and F.R. Castro Avenue.

A not your ordinary hotdog is a real treat. Brandon’s first Eulodog was a Mexican Eulo. According to him, a hotdog spiced up with hot beef. Today, he tried the Eulodog Experience (only 88 pesos) which overflows with olives, bell pepper, chips, mustard, cheese, ketchup and mayo.

Eulodog ExperienceEulodogs
Ilocos EuloIlocos Eulo

Mine was an Ilocos Eulo (only P45). Predictable, huh? With the addition of tostado garlicky Laoag longaniza bits and onions, the effect is sort of a rustic taco, if there’s such a thing. The chili cheese fries I shared with Bran were gone so fast. I’m now a fan, but I still have to make usyuso the other 6 dogs, and the spicy wings, and the bacon fries.

Eulodogs was created by food lover KD, (or Ulo, his name when he was growing up) Pastor. It’s a two-week old baby.  “Why not make something out of my love for food?”

Eulodogs is open from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Picture 157
Photos by Brandon and Blauearth
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