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Happy Skin

Who would forget Kris’s Valentine Kiss on the front page of a daily? It’s the good reviews, however, that keep on bringing girls to Happy Skin, the beauty brand developed by Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, authorities on skin and beauty.

Rejoice, Red Dot in Laoag is the newest home of the original Filipino cosmetic brand. Happy, they have testers!

Happy Skin

I like the texture of Shut Up & Kiss Me. Found pretty pinks, peaches, berries and nudes. I stay away from nude nudes, so I’m always on the hunt for happy neutrals for everyday wear.  Happy Skin had the Asian skin in mind, I guess, so you’ll love any of their foundation basics, just as I love Soft Beige, both the powder and creme. But it’s the Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream that I’m more excited about. Tried it on and after 4 hours (while blogging), the whole thing is still on. It turned dewy, but not at all oily. It’s supposed to work well for oily and sensitive skin.

Check out the Happy Skin counter. My friend Mara Manuel and other makeup artists will give tutorials this weekend. You can inquire at Red Dot for specific dates.

Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Just Say YesHappy Skin Zit ZapperHappy Skin Get EvenHappy SkinMy picks: Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream. Shut Up and Kiss Me in Just Say Yes (I actually got 2 more, Summer Fling and First Kiss) and Don’t Get Mad Get Even in Soft Beige.UntitledLiking the natural yellow tone of Don’t Get Mad Get Even. She’s one of my favorite SA’s ‘coz she tells me when it’s not bagay.

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Northern Archery Range: Teaching the art of archery

Northern Archery Range weekend program

The very first time my friend Donna Rabang Peta and I went to the freshly talked about archery range in Ilocos, I wasn’t expecting anything at all. I went with her as a curious blogger. The fenced property that barangay Casili residents pointed to was closed from the outside. We later learned that, as of now, the range is open only on weekends as they progress to its full operation on the 18th of November.

Donna’s daughter, DenDen Villamor, is an archer of the University of Baguio that has produced excellent competitive archers. Together with fellow-UB Cardinals archer, Emmanuel Balbuena, she was invited to teach the sport over the weekend at the Northern Archery Range. “So far, so good,” says owner Mr. Boni Espiritu when I asked him how locals are receiving archery. “We want to help enthusiasts develop skills,” he adds. The next archery range is located in La Union.

Boni EspirituLaoag’s Northern Archery Range owner Bonifacio Espiritu.Alexa 6Alexa 5

I thought the idea of a mother and daughter date at an archery range was so cool. I was quite surprised that it excited Alexandra, who’s more into things like cooking, reading, swimming and occasional outdoor camping with the family. Her connection with Donna’s DenDen was instant. I haven’t seen Alex so naturally at home with a new sport ever. I didn’t have to prod her to enroll in the weekend program.

I tried my hand at the bow, but I guess, my flight of thoughts is faster than the arrow.

Alexa 2Alexa 4Alexa 3AlexaAlexa 7DenDen 2DenDen

I laud Northern Archery Range’s initiative. In a Hunger Games generation, who knows, we might be able to produce more Gabriel Morenos, Dendens and Emmanuels in the sports scene, as skills and practice make perfect.

DonnaNorthern Archery Rangevans vs converseNorthern Archery RangeEmmanuel BalbuenaEmmanuel and DenDen of UB CardinalsNorthern Archery RangeAlexaThe Student
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Cake and Baking Supplies in Laoag

Baker's Corner

I wish I were a baker! ‘Coz this store, called Choy’s, at the Laoag Supermarket has virtually everything for the budding baker and those who have not much time to travel for pans and pins and whatnot. I saw cake boxes in all sizes, various nuts, colorful liners, colored chocolate blocks, edible pearls, alphabet toppers, sugar flowers, candy molds, icing tips, cupcake decor — they make life sweeter, essentially.

Pie and tartCake BeadsDessert PansChoy'sCandiesPolka Dots PartyChoy's 2Cake Candies

Find Choy’s Household Wares at the basement of the Laoag Supermarket (Villanueva St. side).

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Laoag pigs out

Laoag Longaniza 7

Laoagueños were nervous watching the premier episode of FoodPrints with Chef Sandy Daza on the Lifestyle Network. And that included me, super! I wasn’t able to focus on the things I said about the better longaniza in Ilocos because I was awaiting Chef Sandy’s verdict. It would have been the end of my career as a blogger if I were wrong. But then again, taste is subjective, so here are photos of the Laoag longaniza made with the perfect mix of garlic, sukang Iloco, paminta and other secret ingredients.  In different tones and forms. I have a suki. Check out Rara’s.

It’s really nice and convenient for everyone ‘coz the specialty stalls occupy an outside space at the eastern portion of the Laoag Supermarket (Rizal St.) near the Ilocos products like cornik, yema, balicucha, bocayo, salamagi, etc.

Laoag LonganizaLaoag Longaniza 4Laoag Longaniza 2Rara'sLaoag Longaniza 6Laoag Longaniza and ChicharonLaoag Longaniza 5Laoag Longaniza 3Laoag Chicharon
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