The Buko Roll and Lechon Bread craze hits Laoag

Buko Roll

K’s Bakeshop and Delicacies, originally from Tuguegarao City, arrives in Laoag, offering fresh ways to love bread. Karen Bayog’s twist to the buko pie, a bread roll filled with glazed young coconut meat, is attracting even rich kids I know who eat more sosyal pastries. I tried it myself and found it unique. It’s almost like fresh from the oven pan de coco, but with more bite and oomph. The healthier lechon (hahah, budget lechon), is sweet bread formed in the shape of a pig. A tad sweeter that panaderia monay, says Louie, the manager I suppose.

Their cookies are supersized. Custard cake comes also in mamon size. They accept orders for customized rolls and cakes. Though located west of the business district of Laoag, it is close to the bus terminals, particularly RCJ, Fariñas Trans and Maria de Leon and government offices. They are open 24 hours a day, so K’s Bakeshop is a welcome relief to many.

I saw my favorite moon cookies, you know those plain, crumbly old-fashioned cookies.

Buko RollI ate the missing buko roll:)Buko PieBudget Lechons Bakeshop and Delicaciess Bakeshop and DelicaciesCustardCustard MamonMoon CookiesCustard CakeBuko Roll

K’s Bakeshop and Delicacies Don. S Hernando Ave., Laoag City. (Located near RCJ Terminal.)

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

The bridal car

Bridal Car

On 12-13-14, friends of our family, April Ong and JC Castro, wedded in style as these pics (I chanced upon on the bride’s Facebook timeline) will prove. The 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe, owned by JC’s late paternal grandfather, Dr. Jovencio Castro, was the perfect choice for their vintage chic inspired wedding at the St. William Cathedral aka Laoag Cathedral.

As a Tom Cruise fan of the 80s, how can I forget the red car? The Chevy Fleetline figured prominently in the Academy Awards Best Picture war film, Born on the Fourth of July, shot in part in Laoag City. (Check out 6/9 video clip with Tom Cruise and Willem Dafoe below.) That happened decades before JC and his brother JR restored the car into gush-worthy immaculate condition.

In love and war, in sickness and in health.

Best wishes and congrats, April and JC!


Bridal car 2Bel AirBel AirBel AirBel Air 4Bel Air 2

In a sense historical, the 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe in an epic scene from Born on the Fourth of July.

Born on the Fourth of JulyScreen grab from on YouTube

For the specific clip with the exact Chevrolet Fleetline car used in the movie, browse through the playlist to 6/9.

Castro-Ong Wedding photos (first two photos) by Paolo Feliciano Photograhy
Prenup photos by Marianne Gaces Pasion Photography
Photos courtesy of April Ong-Castro

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Shout Laoag

I hear this song constantly in the last few years. My neighbor, a huge grocery store, plays it the whole day everyday. I’ve really never fixed my ears on the lyrics. The melody is catchy, I thought it was just another pageant background music. For a festival, it needs some “boom”, imao. I am a visual person. My thoughts turn radical once I read the lyrics on this video. This is an outstanding song. I gathered it was composed by Nhick Ramiro Pacis.

Update: Nothing to do with the music, noticed some photos in the video are my photos, but were credited to blackhowling78 on multiply.

Love carries the day


Edzel Bargas and Cristal Gayle Rivera tied the knot. It was with a bit of surprise. I mean they were not talking about any immediate plans when we last met. Wedding preparations were almost spontaneous. The celebration happened at Giannis, where Edzel hangs out with bestie, Chef Jackie de la Cruz, and where he first “spotted” Gayle. For that special day, Jackie and wife Florence styled the garden and prepared a delectable buffet. Gayle was resplendent in boho-inspired Loejai Lopez. Guests came in white.

To love and forever, cheers!

Brush1211BeFunky_null_4.jpgMoney dance.glass7352Pramwns10beerBeFunky_null_8.jpgDear friend Louie Santarin.13Though he was feautured in the blog, it’s the firts time I see in person photographer and videographer Alvin Cariaso, who was covering the wedding.Alex96

Photographed by Alex and Blauearth
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