Legends Classic Diner on Route 66

Legends Classic Diner

Odette picked me up in LA to go to Glendora, home to Pinky’s office. We ate lunch at a local diner famous for fun reminders of the 50s. Befitting of its name, Legends Classic Diner is located on the Main Street of America more known as Route 66. Everything’s retro in this spot. The menu consists of burgers, hotdogs, fries, tacos, shakes and actually a lot more. Kids will be entertained with all the necessary ingredients of the rock and roll era. It has a drive-thru and ample parking space.

Legends Classic DinerFish TacoFish taco for me.Legends Classic DinerDSC_4471Legends Classic DinerDSC_4489

Met Odette’s beautiful and talented girls, Valerie, Nina and Nicole. They all sing well.

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LA in Colors


Diversity is everywhere in LA, from the streets to the hearts of the people.

ClutteredMelrose Trading PostThe Melrose Trading Post.CactusGold PotEricke’s cactus on a gold pot.Vintage TrunksFlea MarketPotato spirals
LemonadeMelrose Trading PostLife is a perception...DialSunkissedVintage CamerasMelrose Ave.MacArthur ParkMacArthur Park "Portraits of Hope"A lake of 2.500 colorful spheres, Portraits of Hope public art and civic initiative at iconic MacArthur Park.SpheresARTKelly JacksonOne time Laoag resident, artist Kelly Jackson, who was among the photographers featured in Summer in the City photo exhibit at the O Gallery on West Adams.O GalleryCat EyesCan you see the relationship?ExpressionsDelicious VinylShakespeareA treehugging Shakespeare on a reggae Sunday.AttentionDelicious PizzaDelicious PizzaDelicious Pizza, right beside O Gallery, is true to its name. They have the most unforgettable pizzas I’ve ever had. Their version of the Hawaian pizza is loaded with sweet and salty goodness. Veggie on Veggie PizzaPizza

Photographed by Tina and Ericke Tan
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Le Pain Quotidien: Breaking Bread Together

Le Pain Quotidien

In distinction to the simplicity of bread and elemental communal tables, it is the warmth of a sense of community that brings patrons together at Le Pain Quotidien, a boulangerie with a few locations in Los Angeles County. Brunch at Larchmont with Nikko (and Herbie and Pearl) was rustic, in a way. Fresh European-style bread made with organic whole wheat flour, natural yeast and sea salt is a staple, hence the name. Breakfast to drunch healthy salads, omelettes, open-faced sandwiches, soft-boiled organic eggs, tabbouleh, cheese specialties, vegan dishes and pastries are in the menu.

Herbie and MeldyLe Pain QuotidienLe Pain QuotidienLe Pain QuotidienLe Pain QuotidienLe Pain QuotidienLe Pain QuotidienLe Pain QuotidienLe Pain QuotidienLe Pain Quotidien

Basic avocado shrimp salad for Nikko and lox with dill and soft-boiled egg for me. I haven’t had smoked fish with cheese in a long time. I like my food with salt; it makes everything more flavorful.

Servings are big. The place was busy, we stayed at the back patio, yet  service was efficient.

Minty CoolerLe Pain Quotidien Brunch

Le Pain Quotidien – Larchmont 113 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA Phone: (323) 461-7701 Open 7am-7pm

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Porto’s Bakery and Cafe of Los Angeles

Porto's Bakery and Cafe

How can Porto’s Bakery and Cafe be a riddle wrapped in an enigma? For me, at least. I heard it first in Laoag. I’ve been coming to LA since 1987, and no one in the family has ever mentioned even just the word Porto’s, to think that the Glendale Porto’s is easily accessible from our house. After having gone to Porto’s three times since I arrived, and was only able to be seated at third try, I figured — IT’S THE LONG LINES.

Porto'sGuava Cheese Strudel

Mom says she’s first heard of Porto’s, the Cuban bakery, when she was new in America because of the guava roll. Besides pastries and cakes, savory items such as empanadas and tamales fly off the shelves quickly. Because we were eating brunch, I had a Cubano sandwich with slow roasted pork, ham and Swiss cheese on Cuban bread. Not counting the sweet roll, Nikko’s Medianoche Preparada with ham croquette is the same.  The Medianoche Preparada is tastier in case you will have to choose between the two sandwiches. But there’s more, like omelettes, I heard, are good. Nikko got me a potato ball, which was exquisitely seasoned.

Cuban Pork TamalePorto's CakesPorto's CakesPotato BallPorto's Sandwiches

Fried plantain comes with a sandwich.

My sister ordered one cheese roll and guava cheese strudel to go. Both are  lip-smacking, the flaky and buttery texture of the pastry is sensational, so much like arguellanas. The cheese roll had me.

Porto's Bakery and CafePorto's Pastries

Portos has three locations, namely Burbank, Glendale and Downey.

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