Dampa Lunching


I went with family to Seaside dampa on Macapagal Avenue to celebrate a niece’s birthday. Not exactly a new Filipino cultural phenomenon, dampa paluto is still attracting waves of customers. Dampa translates to shack or kubo, so the whole experience is straightforward, nothing fancy, and is more authentic when you eat with your hands, like most Filipinos do.

Though we’d do something like buy seafood and look for someone who could cook the purchase for us here in Ilocos, it was my first time to experience going to a big dampa in Manila. I envisioned more seafood like clams, bamboo shells and scallops, so it was a bit of dismay to find a sea of squid and prawns.

Seaside Seafood MarketDampa Seafood MarketRock LobstersRock Lobster

Spotted some rock lobsters and crabs, but those can be really expensive as compared to prices in the province. Dampa prices run cheaper, though, than most restaurants in the metro.

GreensFruitySeaside Dampa

My sister-in-law had it all figured out. We proceeded to G Squared Palutuan (among the rows of restaurants) after buying the important ingredients. We were seated among big groups of locals and balikbayans. Plastic gloves (the kind you see in hair color treatment kits) accompany crab and prawn dishes. It’s amusing that people tend to be so quiet when crustaceans are right in front of them.

G Squared PalutuanDampa SeafoodAmong the food on our table: buttered crabs, tempura, buttered shrimps, baked mussels. DampaSeaside DampaCold Stone CreamerySeaside dampa is close to MOA, so we stopped by Cold Stone Creamery.

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Picture 356

My case of astigmatism and myopia has worsened over the years of uninterrupted blogging. Every time I see an optometrist, new lenses are prescribed. This time, I was also advised to get smaller frames with nose pads to go with the multifocal lenses. I tried negotiating a more stylish chunky glasses, but then the doctor says: comfort first before anything else. Spotted blue Superdry “Juki” frames. Okay, fine, make me look more nerdy.

Play 101 Pencil

Maybe more eyeliner would transform an already transformed me. Picked up gel pencil eyeliner in a less harsh dark brown at the nearest makeup store that happened to be Etude House. So far liking the retractable pencil with a removable tiny sharpener at the opposite end of the thing. It’s from the wide range of Play 101 pencils that stay on for hours, and we are right in the middle of summer.

Picture 367-2

I think the optical shop was right. The glasses stay put and the world around me is clearer than ever.

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Le Petit Soufflé: New French-Japanese and Dessert Restaurant at Century City Mall

Le Petit Souffle

We were so unlucky to score some matcha and red velvet cookies from Scout’s Honor, but we had time to sample two desserts from Chefs Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla’s Le Petit Soufflé Soft Opening Menu. We didn’t have much time, however, for a classic soufflé, which requires detailed precision and extra time to prepare. And I regret much not seeing the salted egg parfait before we decided on the French frozen pistachio soufflé with cherry griotine confiture, but on second thought, the frozen souffllé the girls shared was fabulous. I would have easily finished one whole serving. Doused with cherry preserve, the sweetness was still proper.

Le Petit Souffle

You’ll find lots of matcha and decadent Valrhona chocolate desserts in the menu. Ditto with parfaits and some pure custards.

Beyond classic and nouveau desserts, select savory comfort food, such as onion soup, a vegetarian soba pasta, fusion mac and foie, squid ink pasta or rice, croque madame or croque monsieur (croissant with ham and cheese, with or without egg), French toasts, of course, and some salads, comprise the short menu.

French frozen pistachio souffle with cherry griotine confitureLe Petit SouffleMatcha ParfaitBrandon’s matcha parfait.Tiled plant holder

Amid all the faux foliage, the ambiance is yet refreshing — proves that green can de-stress. Or it may provoke the senses if a person has an aversion to anything fake.

Le Petit Souffle

Le Petit Souffle 3rd Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue cor. Salamanca Street, Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila Tel. No.: (02) 886 3056

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