Tile Me Down


Choose which ground to stand on.

It’s a beautiful Sunday in Ilocos, I hope you are good wherever you are, everyone!

Paoay Church TilesbaldozaMachuca Tiles and a DogBaldoza TilesbaldozaMachuca Tilestiled
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MMSU-Batac students win Region I Tourism Quiz Bee


At the Department of Tourism Region I Tourism Quiz Bee, more and more tables for contending schools from around the Ilocos Region were emptied with each round of questions while tabulators were focused on the computer screens until MMSU-Batac emerged victors, earning them 50,000 in cash. DWCL won over the PSU-Alaminos in the tie breaker round for the 2nd and 3rd spots.

DoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz BeePicture 198

Sir Ding of DoT, tour guide Ena Domingo and myself served as judges. The role of a judge is more like to supervise and decide such as the completeness of answer. Questions were difficult and technical. I couldn’t even answer “What is restaurant in Mandarin?”

The winners will be brought to Clark, Pampanga, for the National Tourism Quiz Bee. A laudable project, it helps students build teamwork and competitiveness, integral to their future in the tourism industry.

DWCLPSUDoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz BeeDWCLDoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz BeeDoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz BeeDWCLDoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz Bee
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Victorino’s, an Ilocano restaurant in the metro


With the exception of my well-spent reunion with the Lifestyle Network’s FoodPrints team and the amazing Manila traffic, it was as if I didn’t leave Ilocos at all. For the final part of the taping, we headed to Victorino’s in Quezon City to shoot Chef Heny Sison, an institution in the nation’s culinary scene.

Victorino’s is proudly Ilocano, down to the aesthetics. The restaurant happens to be owned by Deogracias Victor “DV” Savellano. If the name rings a bell, it is because DV is a public servant in his hometown of Ilocos Sur. You know when people from the same ground meet each other at a foreign place, the rapport is natural and genial (unless, of course, if frozen is your middle name).

Victorino'sFoodPrints BTSVictorino'sThe Cinematic Studios and Red Balloon with Chef Heny Sison

Victorino’s is home to the Heny Sison Culinary School. Besides Vigan longaniza, bagnet and torta, you’d find sukang Iloco, ayukan, balicucha, sardines and many more items bearing the name of the celebrity chef. I’ll post more BTS photos in the days to come.

Victorino'sUntitledWith the gracious sir DV Savellano.Pan de Pinya, Pan de Ube at Pan de ReglaVigan TortaIlocos MeatsFrozen longaniza and bagnet.

The menu is loaded with Ilocano favorites such as empanada, pinakbet and pipian. But we were also treated to excellent spagnola and four-cheese thin-crust pizza at the end of the shoot.

Victorino’s is a warm place to hang out. Find it on the corner of Scout Rallos and 11th Jamboree Streets, within the  dynamic Morato area. Inkayon:)

AbelAbelAbel ti Ilocos Surt\Ilocano vinegar and honeyFoodPrints team with Chef Heny SisonScriptwriter Nikki Alfonso, Associate Producer Jeng de Leon and Director Cris Sevilla Bilbao join Chef Heny for a souvenir shot.Spagnolo PizzaTea Chill

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Alone Time with Black King

Black King

Finally, my pent up cravings for hot Black King was satisfied last night. I managed a tryst after the initial FoodPrints Christmas special shoot before heading back to home sweet home Laoag. Robinsons Magnolia was perfectly along the way to the bus terminal. So there, I had an outside table all to myself. I was surprised at the attendant’s incredible memory, she recognized me and remembers all the details of our last Ramen Nagi adventure.

I didn’t have to fill out an omotenashi sheet. I had everything put together in my head since day one.

The experience with out-of-this-world flavors was quite a trip, an all together different acquaintance with ramen. The big flavor of squid ink hits you like a wave, yet allows you to create wonderful music with sweet, flavorful pork and kicking spices.

Ramen Nagi

If you’re going to dine with a group, it’s a good idea to order and share all the specialties because at Ramen Nagi variety is the king of kings.

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