A piece of sculptor Ben-Hur Villanueva’s heart

Ben-Hur Villanueva, Sculptor

“We are all born artists.” Only an inner-directed artist will say otherwise.

A born winner, the creator of “Ang Supremo” (the Bonifacio sculpture in Bonifacio Global City) is vivid. Character and soul shine through the patina of his years, resembling one of his maquettes. He says, “Walang mali sa art.”


Ben-Hur Villanueva, grade school art teacher for three decades at the Ateneo de Manila moved up to Baguio in the early 90’s to devote his time as a fulltime artist and fulfill his advocacy of sharing his art. Joining fellow artists, Santiago Bose, Kidlat Tahimik and BenCab, they etched the Baguio Arts Guild, which brought that certain energy to an already highly cultural place. He made Arko ni Apo (Ark of the Lord) fronting the Tam-awan Village his home and studio. He shares his life with wife Dolores, or Lolit to him. They are blessed with eight children. One of them is his junior, Bumbo, also a visual artist, an awarded poet and an environment advocate.


During the Villanuevas’ revisit to Norte, I meet sir Ben-Hur and tita Lolit, Bumbo and his wife Arlene and their two children, Baba and Baguio, through my niece Lesley and her husband Architect Jeffrey Acob.

It may sound far-fetched, but the sculptor teaches unsighted people art. He closes his eyes while teaching, perhaps helping put tactility into eloquence.

There will be times in your life that a falling feather will touch your heart. Ben-Hur Villanueva, that one big bundle of talent, left me nothing but words to live by.

SandBeach GreeneryLightArtBumbo Villanueva's nature and artMothers and ChildrenFather and SonBeach DreamJazz For You and Pas De Deux by Ben-Hur VillanuevaJazz For You and Pas de Deux are just two of Villanueva’s 3D creations of varying sizes, marked with sinews and quasi-movement (at least to me).An artwork by Bumbo VillanuevaArtwork of Bumbo.Bumbo, Arlene, Baba and BaguioThe VillanuevasBaguio and BabaFather Bong LampreaChancing upon parish priest, Fr. Bong Lamprea, of the St. Augustine Church in Paoay.

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Wealth in Death

Paper House

Children of strict Chinese parents in the Philippines still would want to give a parent a Chinese customary funeral. Send-off ceremonies and rituals such as burning joss paper and material symbols before the actual burial, normally practiced by Taoists and Buddhists, date back to the Tang dynasty. They deem comfort in the afterlife. It is also believed to bring luck to the living.

Paper MercedesPicture 008

Detailed paper houses, complete with food and  servants,  jets and cars are crafted by artisans in Manila who are usually contacted through funeral house referrals.

The living bring home the lamps.

Picture 018
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Robinsons Ilocos Trick-or-Treating

Handyman sales assitantZombies at the MallPicture 100Spooks. Chance encounter with journalist Stevie Barreiro.KittensPicture 106mall sceneMeatballsBloody meatballs.AlexLasagna

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Khervin Gallandez | First Solo Art Exhibition

"Requiem" Halloween Art Exhibit

With barely three weeks lead time, “Requiem” by Khervin Gallandez is currently up at Samtoy Books til the end of the month before it proceeds to Arte Luna, Paoay, for a 2-day (All Saints’ Day-All Souls’ Day) feature. A Halloween art exhibit, the show, according to the growing Ilocano artist, is all about mysticism and surrealism. “Physically exhausted but happy” is his state of mind.

Pandora’s Box, among the acrylic artworks, struck my eye first. Passion and youth are distinctly Gallandez’s strength. The control of brush strokes makes a Gallandez grand and crisp at the same time.

"Requiem" at Samtoy BooksKhervin Gallandez's RequiemKhervin Gallandez Art PrintsRequiem to Catholics  is mass for the dead.RequiemArtworks by Khervin GallandezHis Day

“I’d like to thank, my younger brother, my partner in almost all the hardest part, Ms. Gee, the curator of Samtoy, Maribeth Macayanan, the assistant, and Sirib Youth organization,” Khervin wishes to say.

Khervin GallandezGallandezKhervin's Art
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