A refuge in Bauang, La Union: Maritoni Bali Suites and Villas


When I heard my neighbors Tony and Mary Teng were building a resort in La Union, it came as a surprise. They are in Laoag most of the time and extremely busy tending their businesses, two of which, the Hotel Tiffany and  the hotel’s famous Macy’s Diner. On second thought, their children are now able to help run their companies. It was Tiffany and Tracy who helped the dad put together Maritoni Bali Suites and Villas in Bauang.

The Tengs

The 4800-sq. meter resort was designed by Architect Rex Hofileña (he also designed Sitio Remedios). Almost complete, the 2 family-style villas are underway while all of the 28 suites are ready for occupancy. Not to forget, Richard Bumanglag, the Hotel Tiffany manager, shuttles back and forth to oversee details.

The family’s close friends in Manila and Ilocos traveled to celebrate the ribbon cutting and blessing of Maritoni. The portmanteau is quite cute and suits the laid-back motif. I personally love the idea that you can also make it a wonderful pit stop in between a long travel to the north, or an alternative home if you’re going to surf in nearby San Juan.

The suites are fairly sized, couple friendly, and has indoor as well as outdoor shower spaces (In fact, my favorite part of the room. See what I mean in photo below).

A pool awaits guests and the beach is just across the street.

HatsLos AmigosHats and CrownMaritoni Ribbon CuttingMarimekkoMaritoniMaritoni OpeningFreshWelcome to MaritoniThe ladies at Macy’s Diner, led by Sally, traveled all the way from Laoag to Baung to prepare the Ilocano buffet lunch for Maritoni’s opening. Tiffany and TracyTiffany and Tracy.RichardRichard, the friendly manager.Picture 496Picture 486The Tengs with Associate Justice Erlinda  Piñera UyAssociate Justice Erlinda Piñera Uy was also there.Lechon BakaUntitledTony Teng with Bauang Mayor Martin de Guzman, Jojo Ancheta and writer Mario Tan.PhotogsPapaitanArarosip SaladPinoy BarbecueKilawenPicture 400SummerMorod JuiceMAritoni BAli Suites and VillasPorchPicture 334NotePicture 337Picture 428Maritoni Bali Suites and Villas

Maritoni Bali Suites and Villas
National Highway, Brgy Paringao, Bauang, La Union
Globe 0906 5947741 Smart 0929 1201884
PLDT Manila 02 370 9005 PLDT La Union 072 670 7478

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Ilocos Summer Preview

Ilocos Tomatoes

My summer has officially started with a road trip to La Union. I’m saving more exclusive space for the opening of the newest hideaway, Maritoni Bali Suites and Villas, owned by good friends Tony and Mary Teng, the same owners of Macy’s Diner and Tiffany Hotel in Laoag, just a little south off surfing spot San Juan.


Meanwhile, take a look at my new discoveries. Went with the guys to burn some incense at the Ma-cho Temple (in San Fernando) and headed to Halo-Halo de Iloko before going back home. However. Reny and I were not rushing, so we climbed up the Sta. Maria Church, another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ilocos Sur. And then sunset at Suso Beach beckoned. The beach brought to mind memories of childhood travels with my mom and dad.

Ma-cho TempleMa-cho Temple. La UnionPicture 350PagodaMa-cho TempleShelvesOfficial First Day of Summer 2015CenterpieceOfficial First Day of SummerShower HeadssummerMango and Ampalaya SaladKilawen a Kalding ken ArarosipUntitledBuko Halo-Halo with Pandan Yema18th century Sta. Maria ChurchSta. Maria ChurchSta. Maria Church, Ilocos SurIlocosSuso Beach SunsetSunset StopBeachTrees and the Sunset
Photographed by Reny Tan and Blauearth
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Laoag’s The Boodle Fight

Laoag Street Boodle Fight

Approximately 4.5 km of pinakbet, igado and rice laid on banana leaf-lined tables for everyone to partake at major streets in Sunshine City Laoag was the highpoint of the month-long Pamulinawen Festival celebration. It was a good fight, a major boodle fight aimed to break records.

There’s a secret to eating kamayan style — get with your left and eat with your right. The event was a success if no status barrier is taken into account. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed selfieing, eating, selfieng. Even Marc Logan came!

Congrats, Laoag!

Tambur Idtoy LaoagInapoyIgadoPinakbet ken IgadoMakan diay Boodle FightLaoag City Mayor ChevylleThe indefatigable Laoag mayor, Chevylle Fariñas and her daughter Mikee, the young Laoag ABC President, in photo below. Spotted: Mikee FarinasGirl at the street boodle fightDrumsDerick and KateDrizzlePinakbetBoodle Fight: PinakbetMMSU studentsSistersBoodle Fight!Get with your left hand and eat with the right.HandsSelfieliciousDrumLaoag Boodle FightStreet FightMy StreetLittle HandStreet EatingFight!The Boddle FightPanganMarc Logan in LaoagHahah, Marc Logan in Laoag!Rizal Street, LaoagNaimasSunshine City LaoagUntitledPangpanganLaoag Boodle FightBarangayLaoag's Longest Boodle FightStaringLaoag Street Boodle FightLaoag Boodle FightBoys at the longets boodle fightWaterLaoag Street Boodle Fight
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Photos from Guimaras Island

Boat Ride to Guimaras Island

Bucolic and bounteous, Guimaras, 15 km off the Iloilo Ferry Terminal, is a must-visit when vacationing in Iloilo.

The island province’s famous sweet mangoes are being exported to countries such as America. Other than the mango growing industry, community-based rural tourism supports livelihood. FoodPrints did a mini day tour, covering a mango plantation, mango pasalubong stands and the Trappist Monastery. Chicos grown there are also nice and sweet. We rested a bit at a resort in Alubihod, where the white sand beach looked warm and inviting. Went back to the mango stalls and filled in boxes to bring home.

Boats to GuimarasGuimaras-boundGuimarasJordan GuimarasGuimaras NoticeJeepneyPicture 971FoodPrints shoot in Guimaras
Mango TreesMangoesMango TreeMango Stand in GumarasMango KetchupThe McNester Mango Ketchup tastes like ketchup and yet the mango flavors still pop.

Picture 1011Atsarang ManggaCoconut PursesSaint Ambrose Bignay WinePostcard Perfect GuimarasMacopaGumaras Islanf JumpGumaras Boat Ride
Jump photo by Poks Madrid
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